Studying Tip: Try Smarter Not Harder

You want to be a good student but sometimes it is hard. Depending on your age you could have all types of obstacles and distractions in your way. Between your job, family, kids, school, homework, chores, friends, and yourself there never seems to be enough hours in the day. If this dilemma sounds like yours than there may be a solution. According to an article on Psychology Today, your should aim to study smarter not harder. The article continues with the two vital principals to studying. These two vital principals are: spacing out your studies over time and testing yourself. What does spacing your studying mean? Spacing your studying will allow you to learn what your mind is telling you that you already know. The other principal to studying is to regularly test yourself. By testing yourself you are becoming an active participant in your studying which will result in you actually grasping the topic better. In another article, it is recommended that you do not treat studying as reading. In order to remember what you are reading you have to do more than just read. You need to actively engage yourself in what you are reading in order to get the knowledge to stick and to be recalled when needed.

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