4 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Education

Technology has changed our lives completely over the last few years. The gadgets and the conveniences that we have got so used to today were only a dream till about two decades ago.

At the peak of technological development, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday routines, including but not limited to shopping, dating and media usage. What is the role of AI in the field of education? Let’s look at how AI can change the way we learn in classrooms:

  1. Individual Teaching for Each Student

Every child perceives things differently and learns at a different pace, but a classroom scenario puts all the students through the same drill. AI removes the group scenario for teaching and attends to each student individually depending on their strengths and weaknesses. It is like having one teacher for one student – ateacher who can understand the individual learning style and knowledge levels for the student and can adapt the methodology for teaching accordingly.

  1. Assessment and Feedback on Course Material

The assessment with AI systems is not only quick but also very detailed. It can give you detailed analysis of how the student performed, what concepts have been understood and what needs more work. Abstract and long answers can also be graded through AI. The detailed feedback about the students’ understanding of the concept reflects on the course material and how it can be improved to provide better understanding. The course material can also be customized for individual learning based on the feedback.

  1. Personalized Feedback to Students

The students are graded individually against their own learning curve and not among their classmates. The current crop of students is very conscious about losing face in front of teachers or peers and shy away from any kind of criticism. With AI assessing them individually, they receive personalized feedback about their performance without the involvement of anybody else. A positive approach and acceptance of this feedback can help the students improve dramatically

  1. Round the Clock Support

In case a student has a doubt about a concept, it is possible to clear it immediately with AI without the restriction of time. The doubt can be shared with the AI bot via an image posted in the chat window. The bot will scan through all the data available and get the right solution or clarification of the doubt. As AI goes through a process of continuous learning, it can clarify doubts comprehensively thus reducing the reliance on tutors.

Technology will take over and modify the way we see education. Soon quality education will be available to all children irrespective of their demographics.

The Downside of AI

As is with any technological development, for every positive aspect, you will have minds trying to figure out how it can be exploited. If not used correctly, the AI could result in students becoming very dependent on it for all their concerns and stop utilizing their own potential


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