10 Awesome Ideas For Creating Corporate Videos

1. Funny videos can be made with employees narrating some funny incident in the office or a customer story. Videos with humor are sure to go viral. Encourage employees to submit humorous things that happened.

2. Create some day in the live video with the employees. Narrate the entire day of an employee in the company.

3. Details of employees who won the awards can be shown to the audience. Interview the audience or ask the other employees about the award-winning employee.

4. Ask your employees to tell the story of the company in their own words.

5. Create videos showing how a product is made in the factory. However, there is no need to reveal any secrets that the competitors should not know.

6. Encourage customers to create a video by giving a demo of how the product should be used.

7. Describe the company’s greatest success and biggest failure in a video.

8. Reposition the brand name with brand video. Illustrate the story or background of the company.

9. Have higher ups in the company on the camera such as a CEO. Create a video interviewing them as this boosts the morale and motivation of employees.

10. For the internal purpose, a corporate training video can be created.

Live event videos can help people know the personality of the corporation. This also helps to boost the morale of the employees. Product launch videos are also very popular. With the right marketing, the product launch videos can look exciting. Corporate videos must not be dull and boring.

Video Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Before starting to create a video for your marketing strategy, the small businesses must determine why the video marketing strategy is important for them and what they want to accomplish with the use of video. Since budget is a constraint for small businesses, they do not need to buy expensive cameras to create the video.

Having the video as part of your marketing strategy increases exposure. Complex information about anything related to your industry, business, and brand of you will be simple with the videos.

Create content that engages the target audience. The audiences who are impressed with the video are more likely to go and end up buying the product or service. Thus killer videos are must-have for small businesses in their marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy For Startups

When a startup takes a share of an idea into a breathing reality, there is more to do with it. More hard work is needed to get your business on the grid. Marketing for startups is a challenge and adding a video for them is more challenging.

To face this challenge and achieve success, there is a need for a good marketing strategy. While creating a marketing strategy with the video for your startup, remember to keep it simple and interesting.

However good the content is, if it does not reach the target audience, it will not get the attention of them. Identify where your targeting audience is.

The attention span of viewers online is becoming shorter and shorter. When using video for marketing strategy, try using the SEO keywords in the titles, tags and description.

10 Video Marketing Best Practices For Small Business And Startups

Digital video marketing, be it for small businesses, startups, and established brands require good planning and strategy.

Video marketing strategy does not end buy just throwing the video in there are sit there expecting to get more views, shares, sales and etc. Here are few best practices to make the video marketing effective.

  1. Set goals for your video marketing strategy.
  2. Determine what you want to achieve with your videos. What do you want to happen with the videos?
  3. Videos are used in the marketing strategy to increase sales and so don’t hesitate to request the viewers to take some action like sharing, liking, commenting or visiting the landing page.
  4. Schedule the videos and integrate it with the wide campaign.
  5. Ensure that the video content is of some value for the viewers.
  6. Good quality videos give higher ranks to the search engines and so see that the videos are of good quality.
  7. Go for shorter videos to keep the audience watching until the end of the video.
  8. some views along does not speak about the success of the video and you need to measure other metrics also and make necessary changes if needed to the strategy.
  9. Give importance to where the videos are being placed.
  10. To extract maximum value from the video, host them on your own domain.


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